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As a live subsidiary of YBE Inc. Loyalty Trading of Delaware provides many levels support for our members in several different investments options. LTD May also provide capitol for loan or investment purposes at no to low interest. LTD also sells shares of its own and other company stocks focusing on crypto currency (Bitcoin)

Announced events

 $25.00 USD to Bitcoin arrives November 25,2017


Loyalty Trading of Delaware buys and sells stock on the NYSE, as a modest investment firm, LTD has managed to pull gains from Dividends. We have some of smartest most innovating minds in the field.


In 2018 Cryptocurrency is set to be the most profitable investment of the year. LTD has positioned itself to be in the mix of the biggest boom in investment history. We are on the verge of our first multi mining operation with plans to be mining by January 2018. 

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LTD has extended its invitation to the public for investments in its upcoming mining operation. In 2018 Loyalty Trading of Delaware has made a commitment to continue to indulge in the Cryptocurrenry market.

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Loyalty Trading of Delaware

Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Building Businesses is our Brand. Let us know if you would like to invest in yourself or someone else. 

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